fivebyfive aims to perform and promote the music of our time and develop young audiences by presenting educational programs that realize their unlimited creative potential.

Exposing students to music they might not seek out on their own is such an important obligation to us as music teachers.  fivebyfive’s performance and presentation was warm hearted and nurturing, presented by masterful artists who are also clearly committed to music education.  They presented with just the right rapport, one that made students feel comfortable with exploring contemporary music performance and left them pondering the thought that they could be doing this on their own. 
— Greg Kane, HS Instrumental Music/ K-12 Curriculum Area Lead Teacher, Canandaigua Academy
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Through performances, structured group improvisations and side-by-side performances, fivebyfive aims to break down the stigma around today's chamber music, realize young people’s unlimited creative potential and develop deeper listening skills in all. fivebyfive works to make their educational performances accessible and affordable to all who wish to participate in them.

Our educational programs feature original new and contemporary music composed for our instrumentation of flute, clarinet, electric guitar, bass and piano. We also select arrangements of other pieces as well as those that utilize open instrumentation so we may have a more flexible space to explore creativity. We enjoy collaborating to work towards creating programs that are as relevant as possible to our audiences.  Contact fivebyfive for more information on our educational programming.

From my experience of having collaborated with members of fivebyfive, I am particularly impressed with their work with education - the way that they engage students and have them express themselves through experimental, participatory pieces - such as the “deep listening” experiments of Pauline Oliveros. I think this work is engaging students in a different way than many other musical experiences. 
— Mona Seghatoleslami, WXXI
It was so different… the way that they improvised in this setting. It really brought a new approach to students, opening up the idea to ALL students that improvising is for everyone and not just for one style of music.” 
— Grace Frarey
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“It’s important to play many styles and composers, from Bach to Messiaen, from Charlie Parker to Bill Evans – it develops your ear, your culture. But we have to teach young people how to think for themselves, not only repeat what those who preceded us have already said. This is so important: Do we want to do something that has already been done, or do we want to live our own lives and tell our own stories in music?” -from Teaching and Learning the Art of Improvisation (click link below)