Repertoire List

Arnalds, Olafur Oldurot

Arnalds, Olafur Doria

Arnalds, Olafur Frysta

Arnalds, Olafur 1995

Burke, Patrick Awake LISTEN HERE

Burke, Patrick and
Pinkerton, Emily Rounder Songs

Crowell, David Waiting in the Rain for Snow

Crowell, David Inner Circle

Crowell, David Looking Both Ways

Eastman, Julius Stay On It

Garcia, Diego Moon Currents

Glass, Philip Metamorphosis

Greenstein, Judd Change

Greenstein, Judd City Boy

Greenstein, Judd Folk Music

Hutchinson, Simon Zephyr

Keller, Dean Penchant for Pondering

Kirkland Snider, Sarah Pale as Centuries

Lang, David Sweet Air

Lucier, Alvin (Rochester) Memory Space

Mazzariello, Andrea Trust Fall LISTEN HERE

Mazzoli, Missy Song from the Uproar (excerpt: The World Within Me is Too Small)

Mazzoli, Missy Magic With Everyday Objects LISTEN HERE

Mehldau, Brad John Boy (arranged by Jake Lentz)

Monk, Meredith Parlour Games LISTEN HERE

Monk, Meredith Phantom Waltz

Murphy, Nicole Untangled

Narveson, Jascha Nice Boots

Oliveros, Pauline Buffalo Jam

Oliveros, Pauline Breathe In/Breathe Out

Oliveros, Pauline Tuning Meditation

Piazzolla, Astor Otono Porteno

Russell, Jonathan Night Dance

Seeholzer, Julia Constant LISTEN HERE

Shin, Sungmin Genesee Stomp

Smith, Gabriella The Tide is in Our Veins

Treuting, Jason September

Viana, Andersen In D

Webster, Marc Hackysack LISTEN HERE

Webster, Marc EchoPlex

Arrangements for fivebyfive by Eric J. Polenik