“The chamber ensemble fivebyfive has quickly become a go-to source for contemporary
classical concert music in Rochester. “
— Daniel J. Kushner, CITY Newspaper


fivebyfive awarded commissioning grant by New Music USA

Rochester-based quintet fivebyfive is excited to commission four works by composers EDIE HILL, JUNG SUN KANG, ANDREA MAZZARIELLO, and JONATHAN RUSSELL, for an exhibition of the renowned stained glass artist, Judith Schaechter titled THE PATH TO PARADISE: JUDITH SCHAECHTER’S STAINED-GLASS ART to be held at the Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) of Rochester, NY in February 2020. Schaechter has explored and pushed the limits of the stained-glass medium for over 35 years. Her singular, subversive, and masterful approach has altered the landscape of contemporary American art. She embraces the inherent contradictions of her work, gleefully melding the opposing currents of high and low, beauty and gore, sacred and profane, and transcendence and defeat.

fivebyfive's mission is to engage audiences in the collaborative spirit and creativity of modern chamber music by commissioning, arranging and performing a wide range of works for flute, clarinet, electric guitar,
bass and piano.